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What is Wheeler & Associates qualifications?

We screen tenants for an average of 600 credit score or better with no evictions, no outstanding judgments regarding real estate and no active bankruptcies. Backgrounds will be reviewed and can be reason for denial.  Must have adequate income (which is approximately 3x the rental amount.) Must have 3 years of good residential history.

Do you have a grace period?

Wheeler & Associates has a 5 day grace period.  If your rent is do on the first, you have until 11:59 p.m. on the 5th to pay your payment. If you are late with any amount, there is a 10% late fee on the total rental charge. 

I have a repair I want done, what do I do?

You can either log into your own portal and submit a maintenance request, or you may call into our office and talk to our maintenance division.

How do I view a property i'm interested in?

In order to view any of our properties contact us at 801-394-9493. We will ask you a few questions and see if you meet our criteria. If you do we will schedule a walk-through.

How do I apply for a rental property?

You can either come by our office or fill it out here on our website under tenants and available properties.

What happens if I need to get out of my lease early?

Life happens, we get that. In order to get out of your lease we would have to find someone to sign up for a year lease for that specific property. You have to pay rent until we find a qualified applicant that will take over the property.

I'm going to be moving. What do I need to do?

First you must give us your 30 days notice. Once your 30 days are up you must return keys to our office. We will then go out to inspect the property and give you a call if anything is out of place. The property must be in the same condition as it was when you moved in, that includes the carpets to be professionally shampooed. 

What happens once my lease is up?

Once the lease is up it goes to a month-to-month lease. We do like to keep leases on a 1 year term so please contact us or we will contact you in order to either resign your lease or make arrangements for what you are planning. 

What repairs/alterations can I make on a property myself?

Please do not make any alterations to the property without prior written consent by us. If you do make alterations to the property and the owner does not want them done, we will have to charge you in order to restore the property to the original condition. For repairs please access your portal to fill out a maintenance request. If you do not have access to your portal feel free to contact us at 801-394-9493.

Once I am approved, what are the steps to move into the property?

Once you are approved for a property you have 48 hours to schedule a time to fill out the lease. We will go over the lease and if you have any questions in regards to that, we can answer them. Once the lease is filled out you must pay your first months rent plus deposit in order to get possession of the property.