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Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities: A Checklist

Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities: A Checklist

Property maintenance is required to ensure rentals get kept immaculate. This need's demonstrated by the expected 3% rise in property management over the next year.

Are you a landlord and want to ensure your rental is kept spick-and-span?

Here, we'll provide you with the vital landlord maintenance responsibilities you'll need. It's a win-win for you and your tenant. The property will be neat and clean all year round!

Read on to learn more.

Keep Communal Areas Clean

A landlord maintenance schedule should include keeping common areas clean - always! In addition, this also includes: 

  • Ensuring lighting is appropriately working
  • Keeping stairways in the correct order with banisters
  • Maintaining flooring so that it's stable

That way, it's less likely for risks or injuries to occur.

Maintain Repairs 

Maybe you're wondering: who is responsible for repairs? Is it you as the landlord or the tenant?

Landlords should always stay on top of anything that needs fixing within the property - major or minor! This keeps the tenant:

  • Satisfied with their rental
  • Happy with the relationship 
  • More likely to re-sign their lease

When you show you care, the tenant cares more too. But if a tenant is causing too many problems, is the reason for the damages, or is wreaking havoc, they may be liable to pay for the repairs. It's up to you to make it your job to make the fixes either way.

Comply With Building Regulations

When you find a rental that you're happy with, property maintenance involves finding out the following so that you don't miss-comply with any construction coding:

  • The number of tenants allowed to live there
  • Plumbing that's needed
  • Electrical labor required
  • Having smoke alarms fitted

Also, any mold must be dealt with so that you don't pose health risks to your tenants, as well as asbestos issues and pest control needed.

Keep a Regular Water Supply

Running water is always needed for tenants residing in a rental property. That way, they'll be able to ensure they never have to breaks that affect:

  • Showering
  • Washing up
  • Having a properly functioning toilet

A working water heater system should be in place so that hot water is always available. These are all part of the duties of rental property management.

Ensure Trash Cans Are on Site

Tenant maintenance responsibilities are limited. This includes ensuring even something as simple as having somewhere for garbage disposal is in place.

The size and type of trash cans must be correct for the number of tenants living in the building, including how often it's disposed of every week.

In some cases, property management includes having garbage disposal cans in an enclosed area. Get in touch with your local council to determine the requirements.

Were Here for Your Landlord Maintenance Responsibilities Needed

Property maintenance involves several duties that shouldn't be overlooked. These include keeping on top of repairs, complying with building codes, and cleaning common areas.

Your safety is our main priority. Drop us a line today! We're here to help you find the rental you need and to take care of all your landlord maintenance responsibilities.