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10% full management services

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Simple Pricing

Simplistic fees at 10% of collected rent, that's it. We do not charge any other fees to the owners such as leasing fees, fees when the property is vacant, percentages over maintenance etc. Please note that the 10% fee can vary. For example, if you have a maintenance intensive property, the fee may go up. If you bring multiple properties to Wheeler & Associates at the same time, it may go down. As an average, it is 10%.

Getting the most out of your property

We will schedule a time to meet you at your investment property to go over rent prices, location, amenities, etc. We like to know what your goals are so we can help you get the most out of your investments.

Rescindable contract

On every management agreement we have in place, we have a 30 day rescindable clause. No one likes being locked into an agreement with absolutely no way out if you are unhappy, so we make sure that you are happy with the services provided. 

Marketing and finding your tenants

If your property is unoccupied we will take pictures, record information about the property and market it across 35 different websites to get your property the most coverage possible to find a qualified tenant for your property.

Tenant credit and background checks

One we do find a tenant that is interested in your property we have them fill out an application prior to viewing. After they decide that they want to rent it,  we then process their background credit as well as call previous landlords.

Monthly Statements

Every investor has their own individual trust account we open for you- no charge. Once we have a tenant in your property paying rent on time every month, we send out monthly owner statements so you know what is going on with your property every step of the way.


We do periodic inspections on your property. If something seems amiss, we will immediately schedule an inspection with the tenant.


In the unfortunate event we would have to evict a tenant, we handle them in a timely fashion with no extra fees other than the what the attorney charges.

24 hour emergencies

We have in place 24 hour emergency services to have your investment property covered no matter the time. 


All of our maintenance is scheduled out to licensed and insured independent contractors. 

Good Landlords

We understand the time it takes to become part of the good landlord program. That is why we are part of it and take that hassle away from you.


In this ever changing pace of technology, we are with the times. If you would like paperless emailed statements and direct deposits into your personal accounts, we will set that up for you with no additional fees.